Ocean Conservation Donations

How much is donated to ocean conservation?

For each purchase at KeAloha, we donate 10% to ocean conservation agencies working to protect our oceans, beaches, and marine animals!

Which organizations do you support?

We try to do our best in making well-rounded conservation efforts. That's why we donate to several different conservation organizations, rotating our efforts for each collection. Some of the organizations we've donated to include the Chicago Surfrider Foundation, the Hawaiian Marine Animal Response, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For the most up to date information on which organizations we are donating to, check out our latest collection

How do you decide which conservation organizations to support?

We do our best to donate to organizations which best match the artwork of our products. Our iconic LS Whale Tail Tee was inspired, though negatively, by the commercial whaling industry. And as a result, 10% of each purchase of a LS Whale Tail Tee went to Sea Shepherd, a conservation society dedicated to disrupting global whaling industry.