How We Do It

How do you turn plastic bottles into ocean conservation apparel?

Post-consumer plastic bottles are collected and stripped of all labels and caps. Then, post-consumer cotton from fashion industry waste is collected and sorted by color. The plastic bottles are then shredded into small flakes, which are melted into pellets, and eventually extruded into yarn. The yarn is knitted, cut, and sewn into one of our super soft & stylish ocean-inspired products.

Why is it made out of plastic?

Ocean plastic pollution has quickly become a global issue, threatening not only marine animals & habitats, but humans as well. By creating our products from plastic, we are keeping 8 plastic bottles out of the ocean per purchase! Not to mention our additional 10% donation to ocean conservation... 

Where are the products made?

The journey from plastic bottle to apparel is not a short one. On its' way to becoming a shirt, a plastic bottle travels between the southeast United States and Central America, because we know that our ethical & environmental responsibilities extend beyond borders. The facilities in Central America provide sustainable jobs & livable wages, and are even powered by biomass, massively reducing their environmental impact.